HowToJustice: Developing a Knowledge Hub for Justice Seekers

HowToJustice: Developing a Knowledge Hub for Justice Seekers

Desktop view of How to Justice organization site
Project Details

Undertaking the HowToJustice website rebuild was a comprehensive venture that involved recreating an existing WordPress site plagued by a broken theme. Charged with maintaining the exact structure while implementing a new WordPress theme, the project aimed to breathe new life into a platform critical for legal insights.

The website harbored a vast database, housing tens of thousands of blog posts and several thousand listings imported meticulously from Excel files. My responsibilities spanned administration, editing, fixing, and all-encompassing web development tasks crucial for the site’s functionality and user experience.

This intricate rebuild demanded adept handling of custom CSS, PHP, and JavaScript to ensure seamless integration of the new theme with existing functionalities. The website’s commitment to facilitating donations for its non-profit cause required the establishment of links to third-party payment processors, enhancing user engagement and support for the organization’s mission.

Project Tasks

  • Wordpress Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Plugins & Security
  • Custom Code
  • Payment Processing Setup
  • Brand-Consistent Design
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